3on3 Runs

Typically, each team will play two games per day/evening. Games will be 20 minutes running time and played on a half court. Games will be scored by a referee/court monitor. Typically there is music playing and concessions available. We try to build the schedule so your team plays its two games within 90 minutes or less.

See our Rules & Philosophy here. This document will also be available on game days.

Teammates generally form their own teams from friend groups, schoolmates, past teammates, etc. 

Each player’s parent/guardian is responsible to complete the on-line registration form for their player individually, including entering roster information for their player (shirt size, graduation year, name, phone number & email address) and to pay the player registration fee.  When registering, you will be asked to input your team’s name and your teammates’ names.  Be sure to fill out those fields and write each of your teammates’ first and last names, so we can assign you all to the same team in our system.  Each team must have a minimum of 3 players and can have a maximum of 6 players.  You can also write Free Agent in the form field if you don’t have a team at the time of registration. 


Each player will need to register individually for our League/Tournament, please visit our REGISTRATION PAGE. Follow the instructions provided to complete the registration process, which may include submitting team details, roster, and payment of minimal registration fees.

No Coaches! This league is NOT intended to have teams being coached. We allow a parent/guardian to sit with the 2nd through 4th grade teams on the FIRST PLAY DATE to help with substitutions. Following that date, no parents/guardians will be allowed on or near the players’ bench area. The uniqueness of this league is that kids are allowed to run their own team. If obvious coaching is being done during the games, it should be brought to the attention of the site director.

The FINAL Registration for the upcoming Fall League ends at midnight on Wednesday, September 14. Make sure to complete your registration before this date to secure your spot in the league/tournament.

We don’t place individuals on teams. However, we can let people know you are looking for a team and someone may contact you. Email us at [email protected] with the following information:
– season you are interested in playing in
– gender of player
– graduation year of player
– phone or email

We will post this information on the specific league page(s) in the Free Agents section. Be sure to check the league page often to see if there are other players posted whom you can contact to play with your child.

Boys and girls divisions will be organized by graduation year. Read the registration information carefully to be sure to select the correct division. Teams can certainly register to play in an older division if they feel the competition would be more appropriate.  If your team is made up of players of varying grade levels, you must sign up for the division that your oldest player qualifies for.  

We try our best to schedule teams to play appropriate competition. Much of it depends on you selecting the right division. We will watch scores and may schedule out-of-division games if scores indicate the necessity for more appropriate competition.

Our objective is to provide kids an opportunity to play basketball. Other teams don’t appreciate showing up without an opponent to play. Teams should make every attempt to have at least three registered players present for each game. IF A TEAM IS GOING TO BE SHORT PLAYERS, THEY SHOULD FIND SUBS. If a team does not show up with enough players, the staff will try to find other players to fill in. If a substitute team can’t be formed, the team that is present has the right to use the basket and court space during that slotted game time.

For the 2023 FALL SEASON, games will be held on Sundays at Rancho Sports Center in Temecula. 

28780 Single Oak Dr. Temecula, CA

Yes, Tournament winning teams will receive team and individual awards. 

Refunds will be issued if requested via email prior to the registration deadline, minus a $17/player cancellation fee for administrative costs. No refunds will be issued after the registration closes. 

Schedules will be posted on the specific league’s page. We typically post schedules 1-2 weeks at a time, with the first week coming out about 5 days prior to the league start date. This allows us to monitor game scores, make sure teams are playing the most appropriate competition possible, and make minor changes if necessary.

Additional players must register individually and request his/her desired team/teammates.  If a spot is available (no more than 6 players per team) the player will be added.  If players are being removed/swapped an e-mail must be sent to the league Director with the full revised team roster.

All schedule requests must be submitted upon registering in advance in the designated “special requests/comments” box.  Requests are not guaranteed! 

ONCE THE SCHEDULE IS BEING CREATED OR HAS BEEN POSTED, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ALTER IT. BE SURE TO GET YOUR REQUEST SUBMITTED IN ADVANCE. We cannot guarantee schedule requests, but we do our best to accommodate those provided to us early.  

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